How is a Sublocade Treatment for Drug Addiction Different from Suboxone Treatment?

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Addictive disorders are a group of conditions that develop over some time due to unregulated habits. Substance addiction is a prevalent addictive disorder and affects a person mentally and physically. 

The United States registers many substance addiction patients who receive the aim to restart their life without addiction. Local Suboxone clinics in New Bedford believes that two drug addiction treatments, i.e., Suboxone and sublocade, are mostly preferred by patients. But, there are many confusions and misconceptions about these two procedures. 

Opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford point out the main differences between these two treatments, which can help patients, decide which procedure to choose for treatment. 

Fundamental differences in Suboxone and Sublocade treatment:

Suboxone and Sublocade treatments differ in many ways, but also have a similarity. Suboxone and sublocade have Buprenorphine, which reduces withdrawal effects and easing the urge or need for a substance. Buprenorphine treatment centers in New Bedford offer both treatment types based on the patient’s condition and severity of the addiction. But, apart from Buprenorphine, there are many differences, such as:


Sublocade has only Buprenorphine and helps in reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Buprenorphine partially activates the opioid receptors as compared to other opiates. Thus, sublocade succeeds without the side effects of Euphoria and pain relief. This makes Sublocade much less addictive than other opiates. Sublocade doctors near me have shown promising results over time in treatment.

Suboxone is the same as sublocade as its primary active component is Buprenorphine, which reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Suboxone treatment clinics say that the defining component is Naloxone, which is also an opiate medication. Naloxone binds all the opiate receptors in the body and making them unavailable. 

Thus, if a person is on Suboxone medication, no other opioid will be effective on him. This makes Suboxone an effective drug to counter the problem of relapsing. 


Dosage is entirely different for Suboxone and Sublocade. Knowing the dosage and its effects are necessary for every patient.

Sublocade is given as a subcutaneous injection to drug addict patients. The injection must be applied by a trained physician or under his guidance. The most significant advantage is that Sublocade is given just once a month. But, there is one condition for sublocade; it cannot be given to someone who hasn’t used any opioid medication for one week or more. This measure is taken to ensure that person responds well to the medication. 

Suboxone is a simpler medication and is given regularly as a daily dose. Suboxone can be given to any patient without any opioid treatment history. Suboxone allows self-care and administration, thus, reducing the effort. 

Benefits of sublocade and Suboxone:

Sublocade medication for drug addiction treatment is a new method being approved in 2017. Thus, it is the latest and scientifically proven. Suboxone is the more preferred method and has given better results over time. Lets’ evaluate the benefits of both medications:

Easy access:

Suboxone is taken as a daily dose and needs no medical supervision. Sublocade, on the other hand, doesn’t affect your schedule and saves time. It is taken every month. So, you don’t remember taking your medicine or have to travel more often. Sublocade is more suitable.

No side effects:

Sublocade and Suboxone, have negligible side effects. Patients taking Suboxone and Sublocade near me have shown no signs of any disease or uneasiness during their treatment. So, they both are safe options. 


Opioid treatment doctors near me have warned against overdosing on opioid medications for misuse. Suboxone can often be abused by people if taken uncontrollably. But, Sublocade offers a solution for this; since it is taken just once a month, it can avoid overdosing. 


Sublocade and Suboxone have high success rates. Both the medications have helped thousands of patients over time in getting rid of addiction.


The above-discussed points show that both sublocade and Suboxone have their own benefits but are highly effective. Buprenorphine treatment centers also recommend both the medication depending on the patients’ requirements and their other needs, such as frequency of dosage. These facts will help you choose the perfect treatment wisely.  

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