Loneliness and Drug Addiction: What is the reason that addicts isolate themselves?

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Loneliness is a serious condition that affects human minds in a tremendously powerful way. You could be an introvert or a very outgoing person. But what about forced isolation? According to Suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford, this can bring some negative impacts.

Present situations portray a really testing time for the human race all over the world as the novel Coronavirus threatens to eradicate humanity. After being declared as a pandemic, it has been imperative that the global population follow rules of self-isolation and social distancing as it is the best bet against this virus as of now. But social distancing and isolation can trigger several negative impacts out of which depression and anxiety are the most common.

The Suboxone treatment in New Bedford testifies that this could be a harrowing time for recovered drug addicts and those reeling under the effects of depression. 


When you lack intimate and meaningful relationships that could add value to your existence, you consequently tend to suffer from loneliness, which is as common as your need for food and sleep. This might be triggered if your need for belonging is not met or you fear rejection from the community or from close interpersonal relationships. 

Suboxone doctors in New Bedford found out that loneliness is a precursor to depression. Consistent isolation could lead to a lonely state of mind, which in turn could give rise to a copious amount of depression from where it might seem hard to escape. 

Chronic loneliness is a widespread phenomenon these days. It can lead to health hazards like high blood pressure, coronary disease, as well as a compromised immune system. Succumbing to the lure of drugs could be one such adverse threat, and we should do anything in our power to resist that.

Loneliness and its connection to mental health and drug abuse

It is often found out that people who are dealing with loneliness could resort to the usage of drugs and substances to compensate for their need for healthy interpersonal relationships. During this period of self-isolation and social distancing, it is common to encounter the feelings of depression and anxiety. In order to curb these feelings, one might feel the need to develop a sustained dependence on drugs and substances. 

These behaviors tend to make you lonelier, and substance abuse also magnifies. Buprenorphine treatment centers are flooded with people suffering from acute loneliness.

Reasons why addicts tend to isolate themselves

Loneliness is a pervasive problem while being a potential marker for other issues. While being a common symptom of mental illnesses of varying degrees, it could also affect an individual while he or she is undergoing addiction recovery. Loneliness increases the risk of suicides in individuals, and those suffering from loneliness could be at a very vulnerable state than others who don’t give in to drug addiction and substance abuse to free themselves from the clutches of loneliness.

Suboxone Doctors in New Bedford noted that this period of loneliness and self-isolation could cause a significant spike in the number of patients reeling under mental handicaps.

Prospective treatment for loneliness and resultant drug addiction

Without proper support, loneliness could cause you to succumb to the temptation of drug and substance abuse. It is difficult to recover once addiction sets in. Moreover, those leading a healthy lifestyle could encounter the chances of relapse due to loneliness and lack of support. 

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Ways in which one can overcome the effects of loneliness in recovery

If a person is already undergoing Suboxone treatment in New Bedford, then this period could prove to be frightening in a way that damages his mental health. An addiction recovery program should primarily highlight the adverse effects of loneliness. Fighting loneliness is equivalent to fighting depression in most of the cases.

Buprenorphine treatment centers in New Bedford have been advocating the prioritization of self-care to curb your cravings for drugs and controlling your instincts for substance abuse while battling loneliness. Self-care routines are of utmost importance.

These could include taking up a new book to read, commencing healing habits like painting, cooking, and the like, refurbishing your living space, binge-watching your favorite shows, and all such activities which reduce the negativity within and around you.

Final Thought

Self-evaluation plays a crucial role as a therapy in which Suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford advocate their patients. You can seek refuge in the loving relationships of family and friends, and it would definitely prove worthwhile. It would keep you away from the need to visit buprenorphine treatment centers for therapy and medication in order to fight loneliness and the resultant addiction that stems in your existence. In the end, you must remember that it is essential to have hope and resolve that this, too, shall pass, and you will live to see better times ahead of you.

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