Substance Addiction and Different Ways to Mitigate the Risks:

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Substance addiction is a persistent disease marked by compulsive or uncontrollable use of drugs despite its dangerous impacts on mental and physical health. The harmful effects of drug addiction on the brain can lead to abnormal behaviors and habits in people. Substance addiction can also cause a relapsing condition where an individual returns to use drugs after attempting to quit them. Although drug addiction begins with the deliberate act of taking substances but later on, a person’s ability to stop drug usage becomes involuntary and compromised. The Sublocade price should be reduced to the minimum so that all the addicted folks can afford the treatment. The DEA and the government are doing their very best in this regard.

Ways to Recover from Substance Addiction:

Substance addiction is a relapsing disease; hence it requires long-term or repeated care to cure the drug addiction. Some successful ways to treat substance addiction are mentioned below.

  • Behavioral therapy is the initial step towards treating drug and substance dependence.
  • Different medicines such as naltrexone and dolophine are commonly used chemical treatments in case of substance obsession.
  • Local suboxone doctors in New Bedford use several medical devices and applications to treat withdrawal symptoms causes during the recovery of drug addiction.
  • Examining and treating mental health problems such as anxiety and depression can also help in curing substance dependence.
  • Prolonged follow-ups to prevent the relapse condition.

How effective are medications and devices in treating substance addiction?

Various medicines and strategies can be adopted by local suboxone clinics in New Bedford to manage, prevent and treat different conditions resulting from substance addiction.

1. Withdrawal:

Numerous medicines prove beneficial in curbing withdrawal symptoms during the process of detoxification. Detoxification itself is not the complete cure, but it is the initial step towards curing substance addiction. A recent American study suggested that using an electronic stimulation device, NSS-2 Bridge, can reduce withdrawal symptoms related to opioid Addiction. Opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford often use NSS-2 Bridge to treat drug addicts. Further, the FDA approved lofexidine, a non-opioid form, to decrease opioid withdrawal symptoms.

2. Relapse prevention:

Patients are administered certain medicines to normalize brain functions that get affected due to substance Addiction. Medical treatment for heroin, tobacco, and alcohol Addiction is available in sublocade treatment centersDifferent medicines such as naltrexone, Subutex, dolophine, and methadone are used to treat opioid Addiction. According to the opioid treatment doctors near me, such medication reduces drug dependence and improves the state of mind necessary to complete the treatment.

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3. Detoxification:

As the name suggests, detoxification is a medically assisted step that helps remove addictive substances from the body. This process is initially used in curing Addiction as it does not produce any unpleasant or life-threatening symptoms. Detoxification is used along with other therapies to address the causes of Addiction.

4. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

A recent study conducted by American Addiction centers stated that cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most effective tools to help individuals cope with addictions. CBT helps treat substance addiction and helps relieve symptoms due to food addiction, alcohol addiction, and prescription drug addiction. Further, behavioral therapy is also helpful in identifying abnormal behavioral patterns due to regular drug intake. For more effectiveness, cognitive behavioral therapy is often combined with a prescribed sublocade shot.

5. Contingency Management is also an effective method according to the suboxone doctors near me:

Like cognitive behavioral therapy, this method is also beneficial in treating addictions caused due to alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics. CM helps in building a positive behavior that can successfully help in combating drug relapse situations. An acclaimed suboxone clinic near me provides a contingency management program to deal with substance addiction.

6. 12- Step Facilitation:

A twelve-step program is used to treat substance addiction and abuse. It is a group therapy where opioid treatment doctors near me help in recognizing all the negative consequences associated with Addiction that imbalance the social, emotional, and physical life of people who are Substance addicted. Opioid treatment doctors near me provide the necessary counseling to all the affected people to improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being.


Drug dependency can be treated, but it is a long-term process that should help a person stay drug-free and become active in family, work, and society. Suboxone doctors near me adopt successful ways of treatment such as detoxification, behavioral counseling, and medications.

Behavioral therapies help modify an individual’s behavior towards positivity, but it also helps increase healthy life habits. Specific popular podcasts like- can be followed if one aims to gain insight into substance addiction and various methods to cure it.

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