Why Stopping the Stigma Against Drug Addiction is Essential to Reinforce Recovery?

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Drugs and substance abuse have a significant impact on the lives of the people who are doing them as also the entire social order that revolves around them. Drugs and substance abuse is nothing but a social problem and should take cumulative efforts from society to eradicate it. While millions of individuals succumb to the harrowing effects of drugs and substance abuse each year due to a variety of reasons, only a few receive proper support and treatment. Buprenorphine treatment centers in New Bedford point out that instead of the care, support, and subsequent treatment that these patients require, what they get is judgment and cruelty. 

There is an immense amount of stigma that surrounds patients suffering from addiction. Since it is a well-known fact according to buprenorphine treatment centers that drugs and substance addiction influences people to give in to a lot of sins and vices, they are more often stigmatized. People downplay their reasons for turning to drugs and substance abuse in the first place. They are more concerned over the effects that these have on the people and incriminate them for their behavior. 

Definition of stigma

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The World Health Organization or WHO, considers stigma to be a causative agent for discrimination and exclusion and hence causes a violation of a lot of human rights. The negative sets of beliefs or emotions that a cluster of people house against an issue or a particular group of people results in prejudice, rejection, and discriminatory attitude.

Suboxone Doctors in New Bedford claim that these negative mindsets are mostly developed as a result of assumptions, preconceived notions as well as generalizations rather than hard facts and evidence. As soon as you search online for an opioid clinic near me and suboxone doctors near me, there is a thought playing against the back of your head that you and your close ones are going to be stigmatized by society.

The stigma is more often directed towards people who commit marginalized behavior and house socially undesirable traits. These result in victim shaming and undermining their existence rather than treating the cause. 

The stigma surrounding drugs and substance abuse

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Though more number of addicted individuals deserve treatment and rehabilitation to ease their suffering from drugs and substance addiction, they are often at the receiving end of public stigma. The specialists and counselors at the buprenorphine clinic in New Bedford have established the fact that usage of derogatory terms and labels like junkie/crackhead and the like can generate and perpetuate a significant amount of stigma in these individuals. 

Stigma affects all of us. From the very point, we search online for sublocade doctors near me or visit buprenorphine treatment centers, and we are at the receiving end of stigma. The general public attitude is very condescending and downgrading for people who are dealing with drugs and substance abuse.

Extensive researches have even demonstrated that most of the public consider individuals suffering from substance abuse as criminals. This shaming has escalated to such a point that visiting a buprenorphine clinic should make a person lose out on his right over family, property, and job according to the significant public opinion. 

Adverse effects associated with stigma according to Suboxone doctors in New Bedford

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Extensive and thorough surveys conducted on patients receiving treatment in rehabilitation centers have revealed their urge and request to be understood by society. These people who have been reeling under the adverse effects of drugs and substance addiction for a prolonged period only hope for a more compassionate and kind nature from their family, peers, and every element of the social fiber. 

Opioid clinic in New Bedford has illustrated a number of adverse effects that are triggered in these individuals suffering from addiction, once they are stigmatized and ostracized by the people. These include the following.

  • The perceived stigma in hospitals or doctors’ offices prevents a lot of afflicted individuals from accessing the required healthcare facilities. This also discourages them from seeking treatment options. Apart from the increased sublocade costs, this results in amplifying the social and medical expenses. 
  • The widespread stigma surrounding people who use drugs, causes society to undermine and downplay public interventions for harm reduction like safe drug consumption rooms, needle exchanges, and even substitution therapies. 
  • Being at the receiving end of social stigma is disastrous for the mental health of people who use drugs and substances. This often pushes them to the edge, creating isolation and loneliness and even manifests an increase in drug use rather than quitting. Constant stigma might be internalized by addicted individuals where they perceive themselves as miscreants, and this demeans their self-esteem and self-worth. More often, stigma, along with a lot of other factors, contributes to suicide.  

Effective ways to fight against stigma

Suboxone Doctors in New Bedford feel that the path towards achieving long-term recovery from drug and substance abuse can be made smooth by eliminating the immense stigma surrounding it. Effective ways to combat stigma include the following.

  • Offering compassionate and generous support is extremely important.
  • Exhibiting kindness to people in vulnerable situations is an utmost necessity. 
  • One should listen without judging others.
  • A person is more than just the drugs he uses.
  • Doing research on drugs, their dependency, and how occasional abuse turns into addiction is helpful.
  • Treating people with drug problems with respect and not downplaying on their reasons to give in to substances is very important. 
  • One should avoid using derogatory and hurtful labels.
  • People should incline towards facts supported by evidence rather than attaching more importance to negative assumptions and preformed ideas. 
  • Taking a stand when a person with a substance abuse disorder is mistreated. 
  • Sharing your personal accounts of stigma is also bound to be helpful. 

With proper education, people can get rid of the stigma surrounding drug use and get more sensitized to it.

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